Take a Tour of Our Plant

We have been making real wool felt pennants and banners by hand since 1904. Collegiate Pacific is proud to offer all domestic made products from our one location in Roanoke, Virginia.  To see just how we do it, keep scrolling!

Customer Service

Your order starts in the Customer Service department.  Trisha makes sure that everything is correct and enter your order for production.

Art Department

Once your order is placed, the Art Department takes over.  Calvin (and sometimes Susan and Danielle) create your custom pennants and banners and make sure they meet your standards. If your marks are licensed, they also send your art to be approved by your licensing agency or director.  Once all is approved, they create a positive for the screen department.

Screen Department

Down in screen, Sharon and Michelle place your positive on a screen and burn the image in.  The screen is then cleaned, dried and checked for holes.


While your screen is being burned, your felt is being cut by Tshauna. The burned screen and cut felt go upstairs together to the printing floor.


Up in printing, Becky and her printing crew print and flock your pennants and banners. They are dried, then tumbled to remove all excess flock and are checked for quality.


Over in sewing, Paul and his ladies sew on the stripping, ties and header cards.... Your pennants and banners are ready to go!


Your pennants and banners are checked again for quality and boxed for shipping.  Michele gets them ready for the carrier.  After that, your hand produced in the USA pennants and banners are sent to you.

Our History

Collegiate Pacific started in Ames, Iowa in 1904 as Collegiate Manufacturing Company.  Click the links below to learn more about our history.