Wool Felt Pennants and Banners

The Original since 1904.

Collegiate Pacific is proud to partner with CLC Learfield in their College Vault program. Having been around as long as we have, we've created many logos, seen many brand changes and produced product with them all.  We will be offering some of our longest running and most popular products with limited edition designs and logos. Along with this launch will also come a new direct to consumer website to ensure that these classic pennants and banners are available to all.


Collegiate Pacific and its wool felt products are a long standing tradition of college and university team spirit and pride.  With an appreciation for history and an ability to adapt in an ever changing market, Collegiate Pacific proudly produces the same top quality pennants and banners that your parents and theirs before them collected and displayed.

Since 1904, Collegiate Pacific has been there.  The quality of our products has only gotten better and the variety of styles has increased but they will forever be hand made - to order - in Roanoke, Virginia.

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